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1500, Ravensburger, New York by Night

25.00 Sold by: Marisa Gissi
Ravensburger manufactured this puzzle in 1992, with a photograph of the skyline of New York with the majestic Twin Towers.

750, Ravensburger, The Dachstein Mountains, Steiermark

20.00 Sold by: Marisa Gissi
Ravensburger manufactured this puzzle in 1980, the title is The Dachstein Mountains, Steiermark, with a photograph by C.L. Schmitt. Steiermark

2000, Heye, Hi There!, Jon Burgerman

59.00 Sold by: Rare Puzzles
Heye manufactured this colorful and interesting puzzle in 2013. The title is Hi There!, by Jon Burgerman. The puzzle is

1000, Nathan, Perfumes of Provence, Nicole Marc

16.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
This is a very nice puzzle by Nathan. The title is Perfumes of Provence, by Nicole Marc. The puzzle is

1000, Pomegranate, Crystal Palace, J. D. Harding

27.00 Sold by: Cathy
Pomegranate manufactured this beautiful puzzle in 2008. It is extremely rare. The title of the painting is Crystal Palace and Its

750, Waddingtons, Spring Decorations, A. G. King

19.00 Sold by: Cathy
Waddingtons produced this lovely puzzle in 1991. The title is Spring Decorations, by A. G. King. This puzzle is NEW, with its

1500, JR Puzzles, Flower Arrangement

24.00 Sold by: Cathy
This is a lovely puzzle by JR Puzzles. The title is Flower Arrangement.  Chad Valley also manufactured a 1500 piece version

4000, Nathan, Children’s Games, Pieter Bruegel the Elder

75.00 Sold by: Pradilla
Nathan manufactured this puzzle in 1997. The puzzles that depict paintings by Pieter Bruegel the Elder are in the wish

4000, Nathan, Venetian Follies, Gabor Szittya

190.00 Sold by: Pradilla
Nathan manufactured this very nice and rare puzzle in 1994, and it belongs to their Rêve Collection. The title is

1500, Educa, The Annunciation, Fra Angelico

52.00 Sold by: Ana Vanesa
Educa published this very nice puzzle in 1999. It is now very difficult to find. The title is The Annunciation, by Fra Angelico.

4000, Educa, Oregon, USA

63.00 Sold by: Ana Vanesa
Educa manufactured this puzzle in 1989. The title is Oregon, USA. On the Pacific coast, North of California, the quiet

750, Heye, Bon Voyage, Jean-Jacques Loup

135.00 Sold by: Nuno
This is a very rare puzzle that Heye manufactured in 1974. The title is Bon Voyage, by Jean-Jacques Loup. It