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1000, Educa, Casa Batlló, Antoni Gaudí

19.00 Sold by: Cathy
Educa manufactured this delightful puzzle in 2001. The title is Casa Batlló. It was designed by the famous architect Antoni Gaudí. This

4000, Educa, Spiez Castle, Switzerland

65.00 Sold by: Barebrain
Educa manufactured this puzzle in 1997. The title is Spiez Castle, Switzerland. This puzzle is NEW, with its original FACTORY SEAL. Also in

1000, Ravensburger, Dance, Unknown Photographer

24.00 Sold by: Cathy
Ravensburger published this puzzle in 1995. The title is Dance, and there is no reference to the photographer. The puzzle is

1000, Waddingtons, Holzgau, Tyrol, Austria

15.00 Sold by: Cathy
This is an interesting old puzzle by Waddingtons. The title is Holzgau, Tyrol, Austria. The puzzle is COMPLETE, as you can see

1000 Waddingtons, The Clock Repairer

21.00 Sold by: Cathy
Waddingtons manufactured this interesting and unusual puzzle in 1992. The title is The Clock Repairer, but there is no reference

1500, Falcon, A Blessing from his Eminence, Viniegra

39.00 Sold by: Cathy
Falcon publish this fabulous puzzle in 1992. The title is A Blessing from his Eminence, by the Spanish artist Salvador Viniegra

2000, Waddingtons, The Ball on Shipboard, James Tissot

56.00 Sold by: Cathy
Waddingtons published this very rare and delightful puzzle in 1991. The title is The Ball on Shipboard, by the artist James Tissot.

1500, Educa, The Brides of Venice Being Taken to the Wedding

35.00 Sold by: Vivi
Educa published this puzzle in 2002. The title is The Brides of Venice Being Taken to the Wedding, by John Rogers

500, MB, Still Life with Flowers, Wainwright

15.00 Sold by: Maya
Milton Bradley (MB) published this nice round puzzle in 1990, as part of their Flora collection. The title on the