Rare Puzzles is not a regular online store where you can simply place items in your cart, pay for them during the checkout process and have them shipped right away. It’s not like that.

You cannot technically buy any puzzle through the website. Rare Puzzles is just a platform that connects you to different vendors in different locations, so that you can both reach an agreement beneficial to both parties. That means that you actually buy a puzzle to particular vendors that list their items at Rare Puzzles, the same way they might list them on other websites like eBay or classified ads pages.

The difference is that Rare Puzzles is built by puzzle enthusiasts for puzzle enthusiasts. And it’s FREE.

So how does it work?

It’s quite simple. You can communicate with the vendor filling the contact form that appears in every puzzle listed. You can ask about the details of the puzzle, as well as shipping availability and shipping costs to your country. So, the vendor can reserve the puzzle for you if you just request it.

You can also contact the administrator of the site at [email protected] and ask him to reserve for you any puzzle from any vendor. Later, you will be able to get the shipping quote and decide if you will buy it or not.

You can also place one or several puzzles in your cart and proceed through the checkout process. However, you will not be able to add shipping costs or send any payment. Since the shipping costs can vary greatly due to the weight and dimensions of the package, the country of origin, and the country of destination, you need to contact the vendor and request a shipping quote. In the meantime, the puzzle is reserved for you. If you reserve puzzles from different vendors, you will need to get shipping quotes from each one of them.

Once you agree with the shipping costs, the vendor will provide his payment information and you will be able to complete the transaction. Be sure to get from the vendor all the information that you might need: possibility of insurance, handling fees, shipping timelines, refund policy, and everything you need to know to complete the transaction with confidence.

We recommend that you use PayPal as payment method, since they offer protection for both parties, but buyers and sellers are free to complete the transaction through any other voluntary agreement.

For general questions about using the site, you can send an email at [email protected]. Besides, you will find all the information that you need in the Terms & Conditions.