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3×1000, Wild Horse, Landscapes

21.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
This is a very nice set of puzzles by Wild Horse. There is no title on the box, so we

5000, Educa, The Matterhorn, Switzerland

45.00 Sold by: Jan
Educa published this beautiful landscape puzzle in 2003. The title is The Matterhorn, Switzerland, with a magnificent photograph of this

1000, MB, Snowy Matterhorn

17.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
MB manufactured this puzzle in 1994, as part of their Voyage collection. The title is Snowy Matterhorn. The puzzle is

500, F.X. Schmid, Matterhorn in the Morning Light

12.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
This is a very rare puzzle by F.X. Schmid. The title is Matterhorn in the Morning Light. The photograph is

6000, Schmidt, Matterhorn, by R. Kirsch

65.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
This is a magnificent landscape puzzle by Schmidt, with a picture of the Matterhorn, by photographer R. Kirsch. The puzzle

1000, F.X. Schmid, Matterhorn, Switzerland

15.00 Sold by: Bram
This is an old puzzle by F.X. Schmid. The title is Matterhorn, Switzerland. The puzzle is NEW,  with its original

5000, Educa, The Majestic Matterhorn

85.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
Educa published this puzzle in 1987, which means it is one of the oldest large jigsaw puzzles that the company