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1000, Heye, Vampires, Victoria Francés

46.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
Heye produced this extraordinary puzzle in 2010 as part of their Favole collection. The title is Vampires, by Victoria Francés.

1000, Heye, Moeraki Boulders, Todd & Sarah Sisson

20.00 Sold by: Rare Puzzles
Heye manufactured this panorama puzzle in 2016, as part of their Alexander von Humboldt collection. The title is Moeraki Boulders,

2000, Ravensburger, Mystic Places, Christian Riese Lassen

27.00 Sold by: Rare Puzzles
Ravensburger manufactured this puzzle in 1998. The title is Mystic Places, by Christian Riese Lassen. The puzzle is like NEW,

5000, Educa, Summer Flowers

75.00 Sold by: Ana Vanesa
Educa manufactured this beautiful jigsaw puzzle in 1991. The title is Summer Flowers. It is very difficult to find in

1000, Jumbo, Belgian Pralines

22.00 Sold by: Jan
This is a very nice puzzle by Jumbo. The title is Belgian Pralines. The puzzle is NEW, with its original

4000, Waddingtons, Luncheon at the Boating Party, Renoir

84.00 Sold by: Rare Puzzles
Waddingtons manufactured this beautiful puzzle in 1990. This puzzle version by Waddingtons is the largest one of this famous painting, Luncheon

2000, Heye, Orchestra, Jean-Jacques Loup

35.00 Sold by: Rare Puzzles
Heye manufactured this old and rare puzzle in 2001. The title is Orchestra, by French cartoonist Jean-Jacques Loup. The puzzle

1000, Schmidt, The Battle of Issus, Albrecht Altdorfer

20.00 Sold by: Rare Puzzles
This is a great puzzle manufactured by the German company Schmidt. The title is The Battle of Issus, or The Battle

1000, Puzzelman, The Census at Bethlehem, Bruegel

21.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
This is a very nice puzzle by Puzzelman. The title is The Census at Bethlehem, by Pieter Bruegel the Elder,