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6000, Nathan, Gallery of Views of Ancient Rome, Panini

127.00 Sold by: Barebrain
Nathan manufactured this excellent puzzle in 1994. There are different versions of this puzzle by different companies and in different

2000, Heye, Happy 2000, Jan Birck “Jabo”

75.00 Sold by: Barebrain
Heye manufactured this puzzle in 1999. The title is Happy 2000, by German illustrator Jan Birck, who signs as Jabo.

2000, MB, Le Moulin de la Galette, Pierre-Auguste Renoir

39.00 Sold by: Barebrain
MB published this classic art puzzle in 1990. The title is Le Moulin de la Galette, by Pierre-Auguste Renoir. The

4000, Educa, Portofino, by Guido Borelli

65.00 Sold by: Barebrain
This is a beautiful puzzle that Educa manufactured in 2012. The title is Portofino, by Guido Borelli. The puzzle is

2000, Heye, Octopus, Mélanie Delon

49.00 Sold by: Barebrain
Heye manufactured this very nice puzzle in 2010. The title is Octopus, by French artist Mélanie Delon, and it is part

1500, Ravensburger, Looking into the Mirror, Hamilton

37.00 Sold by: Barebrain
Ravensburger manufactured this interesting puzzle in 1986. The title is Looking into the Mirror, by photographer David Hamilton. The puzzle is NEW, with

1500, Heye, Mordillofootballissimo, Guillermo Mordillo

52.00 Sold by: Barebrain
Heye published this very nice puzzle in 1982. The title is Mordillofootballissimo, by cartoonist Guillermo Mordillo. The puzzle is NEW,

1000, Jumbo, Bakers from the 19th Century, Anton Pieck

24.00 Sold by: Barebrain
This is a very nice puzzle by Jumbo. The title is Bakers from the 19th Century, by Anton Pieck. You can admire some

1500, Falcon, The Flower Market, Eugène Deully

25.00 Sold by: Barebrain
This is a very rare puzzle by Falcon. The title is The Flower Market, by Eugène Deully. , although the last

4000, Trefl, The Tower of Babel, Bruegel

69.00 Sold by: Barebrain
This is an interesting puzzle by Trefl. The title is The Tower of Babel, by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. This puzzle is NEW, with

3000, Ravensburger, Fresco of the Triumph of Religion

79.00 Sold by: Barebrain
This is a very rare puzzle that Ravensburger manufactured in 1994. It is difficult to find. It depicts the Fresco

1000, Yanoman, The Zodiac, Kagaya Yutaka

29.00 Sold by: Barebrain
This is a very rare puzzle by Yanoman. The title is The Zodiac, by the Japanese artist Kagaya Yutaka. The puzzle is
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