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1000, Impronte Edizioni, The Lovers of Vence, Chagall

24.00 Sold by: Rare Puzzles
This is a very rare puzzle by Impronte Edizioni. The title is The Lovers of Vence, by Marc Chagall. The

2000, Ricordi, Soft Watch at the Moment of its First Explosion

27.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
Ricordi manufactured this puzzle in 2006. It is known as Soft Watch at the Moment of its First Explosion, by

1000, Pomegranate, Crystal Palace, J. D. Harding

27.00 Sold by: Cathy
Pomegranate manufactured this beautiful puzzle in 2008. It is extremely rare. The title of the painting is Crystal Palace and Its

750, Waddingtons, Spring Decorations, A. G. King

19.00 Sold by: Cathy
Waddingtons produced this lovely puzzle in 1991. The title is Spring Decorations, by A. G. King. This puzzle is NEW, with its

3000, Nathan, Field in Flower

31.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
Nathan manufactured this excellent puzzle in 1986. The title is Field in Flower. The puzzle is COMPLETE (3000 pieces), as

1500, JR Puzzles, Flower Arrangement

24.00 Sold by: Cathy
This is a lovely puzzle by JR Puzzles. The title is Flower Arrangement.  Chad Valley also manufactured a 1500 piece version

3000, Castorland, Lady in the Purple Dress, Czachórski

55.00 Sold by: Olga
This is a very nice puzzle by Castorland. The title is Lady in the Purple Dress, and it is a

1500, Grafika, The Execution of Lady Jane Grey

24.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
This is an extraordinary puzzle by Grafika with the impressive artwork The Execution of Lady Jane Grey, by Paul Delaroche.

1000, Heye, Golden Fairy, Stephen Mackey

34.00 Sold by: Rare Puzzles
Heye manufactured this nice puzzle in 2005. The title is Golden Fairy, and it belongs to the Porcelina series, by

1000, Nathan, Harbor Shops, Jean-Roger Morel

19.00 Sold by: Rare Puzzles
This is a very nice puzzle by Nathan. The title is Harbor Shops, by Jean-Roger Morel. The puzzle is COMPLETE

3900, Grafika, Flowers and Butterflies

9.00 Sold by: Rare Puzzles
This is a colorful puzzle by Grafika. The title is Flowers and Butterflies, by digital artist reznik_val. The puzzle is

1000, Ravensburger, Hunt at Fontainebleau, Carle Vernet

18.00 Sold by: Rare Puzzles
Ravensburger manufactured this puzzle in 1971. The title is Hunt at Fontainebleau, by Carle Vernet. The puzzle is COMPLETE (1008