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2000, Unknown, Le Paradis

24.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
This is a very nice and very rare puzzle of an unknown brand. The title is Le Paradis, but there

9000, Ravensburger, Jungle Animals, David Penfound

89.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
Ravensburger manufactured this puzzle in 2013. The title is Jungle Animals, by David Penfound. The puzzle is NEW, with its

1000, Jumbo, The Celebration, Tom duBois

25.00 Sold by: Barebrain
This is a really interesting puzzle by Jumbo. The Title is The Celebration, by the American artist and illustrator Tom

5000, Ravensburger, Fascination Earth, Gerold Como

115.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
Ravensburger manufactured this interesting puzzle in 2013. The title is Fascination Earth, by Gerold Como. The puzzle is like NEW,

6000, Clementoni, Forest, Unknown Artist

95.00 Sold by: Olga
Clementoni produced this puzzle in 2009. The title is Forest, but there is no reference to the artist in the box. The

2000, Scandecor, The Entry of the Animals into Noah’s Ark

34.00 Sold by: Rare Puzzles
There are not many puzzles available by the brand Scandecor. Although there is not title on the box, this painting

3000, Jumbo, The Breath of Life, Tom duBois

51.00 Sold by: Rare Puzzles
Jumbo produced this puzzle as part of a series. The title is The Breath of Life, by the American artist and

2000, Step, Tiger, by Verdayle Forget

28.00 Sold by: Olga
This is a very beautiful and challenging puzzle by Russian brand Step. The title is Tiger. There is no reference