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550, BV Leisure, Homer Simpson, Groening / Silvers

27.00 Sold by: Maya
BV Leisure manufactured this challenging photomosaic puzzle in 2004 with one of the famous Matt Groening’s characters: Homer Simpson. It

1000, Heye, Puzzleworld, Kozyndan

45.00 Sold by: Maya
Heye manufactured this jigsaw puzzle in 2011. The title is Puzzleworld, by Kozyndan art team. The puzzle is BRAND NEW with its original FACTORY

500, Marks & Spencer, St. Michael, Van de Velde

29.00 Sold by: Maya
Marks & Spencer published this impressive puzzle of an English galleon in stormy waters in 1992. The title is St.

500, WHSmith, Tuti Fruity, Wendy Carlton

11.00 Sold by: Maya
WHSmith published this cute colorful puzzle in 500 pieces with the title Tuti Fruity. It is a painting by the

500, Heye, All-Stars, Simone Legno

23.00 Sold by: Maya
Heye manufactured this small Japanese-inspired puzzle in 2014 as part of the series Tokidoki. The title is All-Stars, by the

1000, Heye, Treehouse, Nathan Jurevicius

45.00 Sold by: Maya
Heye manufactured this peculiar jigsaw puzzle in 2011 as part of their series The World of Scarygirl. The title is Treehouse, by

1000, Heye, Cocktail Party, Simone Legno

42.00 Sold by: Maya
Heye manufactured this Japanese inspired cartoon puzzle in 2014 as part of the series Tokidoki. The title is Cocktail Party,

500, Jumbo, Street Artist, Hugh Devine

20.00 Sold by: Maya
This is a lovely little puzzle by Jumbo, part of their WHSmith exclusive collection. The title is Street Artist, by

1000, Jumbo, Afternoon Chat, Sung Kim

25.00 Sold by: Maya
This is a very interesting puzzle by Jumbo, belonging to their Deco Puzzle series with shaped borders. The title is

500, MB, Still Life with Flowers, Wainwright

15.00 Sold by: Maya
Milton Bradley (MB) published this nice round puzzle in 1990, as part of their Flora collection. The title on the
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