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3000, MB, The Dance Class, Edgar Degas

83.00 Sold by: ArtPuzzler
MB manufactured this extraordinary puzzle in 1994, for their Classic series. The puzzle is now very hard to find. The

1000, Ravensburger, Dance at the Flemish Salon

39.00 Sold by: Emilia puzzles
Ravensburger manufactured this very nice puzzle in 2004. The title is Dance at the Flemish Salon, but there is no

1500, Ravensburger, The Dance Class, Degas

19.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
Ravensburger manufactured this puzzle in 1995. The title is The Dance Class, by Edgar Degas. You can admire the original

2000, Carrefour, The Wedding Dance

29.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
This is a very rare puzzle by Carrefour. The title is The Wedding Dance or The Dance of the Bride.

4000, MB, The Peasant Dance, Pieter Bruegel

124.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
MB manufactured this excellent puzzle in 1983. The title is The Peasant Dance, by Pieter Bruegel the Elder. It is

4000, Waddingtons, Feast Day, Pieter Bruegel

117.00 Sold by: Rare Puzzles
Waddingtons manufactured this exceptional puzzle in 1991. The title in the box is Feast Day, and it says the artist

1000, Ravensburger, Magic Dance, Josephine Wall

26.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
Ravensburger manufactured this puzzle in 2003. The title is Magic Dance, by Josephine Wall. The puzzle is NEW, with its

1500, MB, Village Dance, Pieter Brueghel

39.00 Sold by: Ana Vanesa
MB manufactured this puzzle in 1989. The title is Village Dance, by Pieter Brueghel the Younger. It does not appear

1000, Ricordi, Dance, Henri Matisse

26.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
Ricordi manufactured this puzzle in 2006. The title is Dance, by Henri Matisse. The puzzle is NEW, with its original

1000, Nathan, The Singing Butler, Jack Vettriano

18.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
Nathan manufactured this puzzle in 1999, as part of their Vettriano collection. The title is The Singing Butler, by Jack

1000, Educa, Dancing Girls, Gülay Yüksel

23.00 Sold by: TuPuzzle
Educa manufactured this puzzle in 2005, as part of their Turkish Contemporary Artists collection. The title is Dancing Girls, by

1000, Druon, Be-Bop en Cave, Robert Doisneau

16.00 Sold by: Rare Puzzles
Druon manufactured this puzzle in 2001, as part of their Passion Noir et Blanc collection. The complete title of the