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500, Heye, Just Married, Jean-Jacques Loup

69.00 Sold by: Love2Puzzle
This is a very rare small puzzle that Heye manufactured in 1974. The title is Just Married, by Jean-Jacques Loup.

4000, Heye, Amazonas, Michael Ryba

285.00 Sold by: Love2Puzzle
Heye manufactured this large cartoon puzzle in 1994, and it is very difficult to find now, especially in this condition.

5000, Ravensburger, The Fish Market, Brueghel

149.00 Sold by: Love2Puzzle
Ravensburger manufactured this extraordinary large art puzzle in 1982. The title is The Fish Market, by Jan Brueghel the Elder.

5000, Fame, A Meeting by the Stile, Heywood Hardy

119.00 Sold by: Love2Puzzle
This is an extremely rare puzzle. The company Fame has manufactured only two large puzzles (5000 pieces) and they are

6000, MB, Paris, The Flower Market in 1895, Firmin-Girard

165.00 Sold by: Love2Puzzle
This puzzle is very difficult to find, as most of the fine arts large puzzles by Milton Bradley. The title is

3000, Arrow, The Connoisseur Jigsaw Puzzle 5461

48.00 Sold by: Love2Puzzle
This is a very nice puzzle by Arrow. Like many of their puzzles, this one doesn’t have any title or

5000, MB, The Market and Fountain of the Innocents, Paris

199.00 Sold by: Love2Puzzle
This is a a very rare puzzle, like most fine arts jigsaw puzzles by MB. The large ones are very difficult

500, Rainbow Designs, Airymouse, Airymouse Fly over my Head

39.00 Sold by: Love2Puzzle
Rainbow Designs manufactured this puzzle around the 70’s and it is very rare and difficult to find. The illustration is

4000, Nathan, Magna Carta Mundi, Vischerius

158.00 Sold by: Love2Puzzle
Nathan manufactured this puzzle in 1994 as part of their Notre Histoire collection. The title is Magna Carta Mundi. The

4000, MB, Venice, Canaletto

85.00 Sold by: Love2Puzzle
MB manufactured this puzzle in 1983, so it has been out of catalog for several decades now. The title is
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