Change of appearance to improve Rare Puzzles

It’s been around two years since our last change of appearance. Back then I bought some software that would allow people to sell their own puzzles on the site. Since then, some new sellers have joined Rare Puzzles and some others will come soon. During this time I have learned about some of the challenges of a marketplace website. The most important one is having buyers and sellers in different countries.

Change to improve

In an attempt to make things easier for buyers and sellers (and for me as well), I will be installing some new software in the next days. It is a WordPress plugin that hopefully will improve the one we have right now. As a consequence, the appearance of the website is also going to change significantly. For that reason, t is likely that at the beginning Rare Puzzles will look like a new website. However, the content is going to remain the same.

The change of appearance will probably take place in two phases. First, I will install the Dokan marketplace plugin and verify that everything is working. After some days, if there are no major hiccups, I might need to install a new WordPress theme so that Rare Puzzles keeps having a decent look.

Like in the past, it is possible that the site will be unavailable at certain times. Perhaps you will see a page that says Under Maintenance and you will not be able to log in or browse through the online store. However, I hope the transition will be smooth. As always, you can contact me directly at jorge@rarepuzzles.com and share your ideas and suggestions. I always listen to them and I appreciate them very much, since they are a great help to improve.

Image of two workers painting for our blog post about our change of appearance

(Photograph by Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York).

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