1000, 500, Spiel Spass

2×500, 1000, Spiel Spass, Lawn with Poppies

It is difficult to be original when it comes to jigsaw puzzles. Some companies have innovated with unusual die cuts, while others have produced silhouette puzzles or even 3D puzzles. Dividing an image in three contiguous sections is another way to be original. The company Spiel Spass produced some puzzles in this format, as part of their Triptychon series. The title of this one is Lawn with Poppies, although the only title in the box was in German: Mohnwiese. There is no reference to the artist.

Image of the puzzle 2x500, 1000, Spiel Spass, Lawn with Poppies, Puzzle Assembled, Blog Post

The result is interesting, with a panorama effect. I am sure that the framed puzzles would look nice hanging on a wall. However, the selection of the images are questionable, at least in the puzzles that I have seen belonging to the same Triptychon series. They look like the stock images that we can find at hotel rooms or at the dentist’s office. In any case, de gustibus non est disputandum, and fortunately we all have different taste and preferences.

Why did I complete Lawn with Poppies?

Whenever I buy a used puzzle, the seller can guarantee that the puzzle is complete. However, that doesn’t mean that the puzzle will be complete. This puzzle had two sealed bags and the bag of one of the 500 pieces section was opened. When I verified it, there were 4 missing pieces and 2 huge foreign pink pieces that surely belonged to some puzzle for children.

My first impulse was to throw it away. I felt the effort of putting it together was not worth it, since it was very unlikely that anyone in the future would need a replacement for this particular puzzle. However, the reflex of the puzzle enthusiast prevented me from getting rid of it. It was, after all, a puzzle. How could I throw it away? I simply couldn’t put it on the trash, so I put it together.

The result was OK, but nothing to brag about. Since I completed the puzzle in sections, the process was simple and straightforward. It’s an easy puzzle and, after I finished, I must admit I enjoyed the process. Needless to say, the puzzle was added to the Missing Pieces section

2×500, 1000, Spiel Spass, Lawn with Poppies, Unknown Artist, 32 x 47.5 cm, 65 x 47.5 cm, 32 x 47.5 cm, Reference number 77683.8.

Image of the 2x500, 1000, Spiel Spass, Lawn with Poppies
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